Having taken Pilates training in several different methods, I found the TPP Reformer Training to be exceptional. The instructors were hugely experienced and so eager to help every student improve their teaching abilities that it was an inspiring experience throughout. The passion for Pilates and for teaching was apparent from everyone I worked with. I have taken the TPP Therapeutic Pilates Course (twice!) since then, and have the same positive experience.

Geordan Coupland
Dancer, Pilates Instructor Riverdale Pilates, Toronto

Laura Helsel from Riverdale Pilates in Toronto, is an inspirational teacher and presenter who is passionate about Pilates and sharing her knowledge with others. Laura’s experience, particularly in the area of Therapeutic Pilates, has been extremely beneficial to both clients and teachers alike.

Taking the Therapeutic Pilates course with Laura has transformed me as a teacher. My assessment skills have improved immensely. Laura is an excellent communicator and her Therapeutic Pilates course is a must for any Pilates instructor working with injured populations or anyone with postural imbalances.

Debbie Ross-Wong (Ross Pilates)
Certified Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist

The TPP training course was outstanding. It provided me with a functional knowledge of anatomy and postural assessment and an in-depth understanding of the work. More importantly though, the course provided modifications and trouble shooting ideas to apply the material to a real person. By teaching subtle cueing differences and modifications I am better able to help clients improve while keeping them safe. I am happily teaching in the city and will continue my training with additional TPP courses in the future.

Clinton Draper
Mat and Reformer Teacher, Toronto

Laura is a lifesaver. I came to her after years of physiotherapy and medical attention for my dislocated shoulder and torn ligaments in my knee. Laura's attention to detail and knowledge in rehabilitation helped me to build up the micro muscles around my knee and to increase mobility in my shoulders. Not only did it alleviate the pain, it took away the backaches that were associated with it. With a stronger core and bigger range of motion it took 5 strokes off my golf game and I hit 80s for the first time this year!!!!!

Brad Meiers

I am fifty years old and I’ve never been athletic or muscular. I started Pilates with Laura a little more than six months ago on the recommendation of a physiotherapist from whom I received treatment for a chronic, painful lower back.. In July, after much trepidation, I went mountaineering and climbed three peaks of over ten thousand feet. This was an incredible experience and the realization of a long-time dream. Without Pilates I would not have been able to even contemplate it. The core strengthening proved essential to the rigors of the climb, the balance crucial to my safety, and my newly developed body awareness a great comfort when dealing with my fear of high exposure. I would like to thank Laura Helsel and all of her other instructors who have patiently taught me.

John Becker